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Mission & Vission K S Welfare

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K S Smart card of people not just their Cities but Services will be available in other cities also cities services will also 
   K S Smart card will help you to get at list 2 to 50 % discount on various services, as well as visiting the web site, you will be able to get information about the service center of any city and from there you will get full benefits
            Free Seat 
D. Pharma ( Ayurveda )            2.0 Year                      30 Seat
G.N.M.Nursing ( Ayurveda )     3.6 Year                      20 Seat 
B. Pharma                                 4.0 Year                     20 Seat
D. Pharma                                 2.0 Year                      30 Seat 
Polytechnic                                3.0 Year                     100 Seat